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Even your website looks attractive and functionally advanced, a perfect domain name is most important. It helps your site well-recognized on Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo & other search engines. We endeavor our clients fast and business suitable domain name registration services. And that helps you to expand your online business without compromising your expectations.We will assist you in finding the best domain name available in the market, as well as the web hosting and email package. We not only help you to register a domain name but also recommend best possible available option. During the domain registration process, you will be required to give contact information that will be publicly available through the WHOIS database. If any user does not want to show his/her data in, then he/she can go for Private registration by paying extra to the registrar.An IP address consists of a series of numbers which is quite difficult for humans to remember so domain names are provided that helps to remember any website easily. The domain name is helping us to make the use of the internet easier and faster.

Register Domain in Nepal, offered by Easy Access, is a perfect domain registration service. Easy Access can provide perfect domain name like .com, .net, .org, .edu, and many more which is essential for the proper functioning of the website at an affordable cost. We are providing services on many technical fields like software development, web development, web hosting, and digital marketing

Being competition on the market we are offering many things, so in this product, we offered the low costing with the same productivity and quality with exciting free offers like free Add-ons, Domain Forwarding, DNS management, etc. which are not provided by our finest competition. Register Domain in Nepal not only provides you services but also keeps things in mind about customers’ security and managed the flow of product.

Domain Registration Term & Condition

Free .np Domain Registration

How much time dose it take to register a Domain ?

As soon as we get the payment for the domain, we process to register for you. Your domain name will be ready to use within few minutes.

Is it compulsory to buy a domain and hosting from the same company?

No, it’s not compulsory to buy a domain name and web hosting from the same company. You can buy a domain from one company and hosting form another company as well. You need to update nameserver details through domain control panel to use another hosting.